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about real life example implementation (data access)

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Mar 12, 2012 at 11:18 AM


I am applying what is into the book/examples to a real life project (that need a serious refactoring, btw)

well, I am still puzzled about how to handle multiple db connections... e.i.: I have to make an application that use 5 db connections, each one could be of a different technology (mysql ecc). Some object are in one db some other are in another (example are users on legacy db and my application that run on another db)

How I can handle this?

I have used this schema (and looks like working) but I am not sure that is correct:


web.config, appsettings: one provvider and one factory per connection

each dataprovider has its connectionstring.

each Zenatek.SmartPrint.Data.XXXXX has a namespace for each connection (example: OracleUsersDataProvider)

finally I have different factory for each database, so I can set the correct connection string.