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Northwind Starter Kit (NSK) is a sample application developed by Andrea Saltarello as a companion demo for both Managed Designs' courses and "Microsoft .NET: Architecting Applications for the Enterprise" (first edition), the book he co-authored along with Dino Esposito.

NSK also acts as a reference for a simple implementation of the CQRS pattern: the read model is a composition of LINQ based repositories supported by a set of custom LINQ operators modeled after the Layered Expression Trees (LET) idiom, whereas commands are modeled as functions which implement the Transaction Script pattern.

What NSK is not is a full fledged CQRS demo: if you're interested in such a demo, please have a look at Merp, which is the the sample Andrea developed as the companion for Microsoft .NET - Architecting Applications for the Enterprise (2nd edition).

The application uses the standard Northwind database as included in Microsoft SQL Server: no modifications to the database schema are required in order to install and run the starter kit.

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